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CDMA /EVDO dead notice text manitoba??? 100$ off on new phone text


I got text recently about EVDO being shut off in my area on july 31. I do not use data. does this effects me? I have old CDMA phone.

I got text saying that i can get 100$ off on anyphone if i get new one. What is guaranty new one ( LG G3)will work here where only CDMA used to work.

When does 100$ off offer expires? text did not mention any date. I would love to buy new phone if it is good deal.

any refurbished phone from koodo?

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If it is just evdo, then your phone will still work with 1x. Just slower (dialup speed) data. I don't believe there is any cdma phones for sale. You sure there is no hspa coverage at that location?
I am in extended coverage area. in the middle of no where 😞
Can any one cofirm if lg g3 will work in extended area?
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Hey KM, 

Your question has been answered in another post: http://koo.do/1JFETXo. Please have a look! Regarding the $100 offer, we don't have an expiry date yet.