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Hello, i'm in search for information regarding a north american and Caribbean plan i was told about by an existing Koodo user. He pays 65$ a month for 2 gb, and unlimited Caribbean and north american calling. I am really interested in this. Thank you -Ashley.

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as far as the plan goes, we do offer a similar plan which is canada wide calling, unlimited minutes, unlimited international texting, call display and voice mail for 60$, or the same with 3 gb of data for 75$ but to call internationally you would need to do the international long distance saver on top of that. thats 2$ extra a month but will help with the long dist. minute charges. Hope that helps -Aaryn
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I hate to be the bearer of bad news but Koodo has not offered a plan for $65 unless it was an older iPhone plan which was only local minutes anyway. Also, no plans Koodo has offered included unlimited calling outside of Canada unless it was the $30 North American calling feaure which no longer is offered and that only allowed unlimted calling to Canada and the USA assuming the phone was dialed while in Canada. Aaryn's suggestion is the best bet.