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Cannot access BlackBerry World via Wi-fi.

I have the old "Stay Social combo" plan on my KOODO HSPA RIM CURVE 9360. I believe a recent operating system update through the BlackBerry desktop has caused my wi-fi to cease to be functional when I need to access BlackBerry World (a saved open wi-fi account with the strongest possible connection still results in a message that I cannot connect, have a plan that requires wi-fi, yada yada yada). My apps such as Facebook and Twitter all have new updates that need to be installed. How do I get this to work with wi-fi again??

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What kind of WiFi are you connecting to? If it's a public network like McDonald's, Pizza Pizza, or Timmies, you'll have to go into the browser first and accept their terms and conditions before it will allow internet usage. Other than that it should be fine.
Thank you - I'll try again from home tonight to see if my personal wi-fi will work (I don't leave it on as I haven't figured out how to secure it!). I'm fairly certain the last attempt to login didn't work at home either, but will check again. (and yes, today it was a small independent food-court establishment I attempted to login with, but didn't receive any msg to accept terms on their website, if they even have one).
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Lisa Davis wrote:

Thank you - I'll try again from home tonight to see if my personal wi-fi will work (I don't leave...

On my Androids I always get a notification saying "sign-in required" for public WiFi access points but I don't know if you would have gotten it on your older phone. You would have to go into the browser yourself and check.
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Another option to try resets/reboots your 9360. Power off the phone and remove the battery for a minute or two. Replace the battery and power on the phone and wait for the 9360 to restart. I would recommend rebooting the device even if the 9360 appeared to do a reboot after the update. If you don't want to remove the battery, you can use a combination of keys; by pressing and holding the [b]alt key, the [b]right aA key (shift/caps lock) and the [b]del key at the same time. When your 9360 turns off, you can release the keys. When the 9360 has restarted, the reset is complete.
Thanks everyone - after some mucking around with it at home, it finally opened up (after a "could not access" message again). Weirdness! 🙂