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Canada to USA plan temporary cancellation

  • 22 October 2013
  • 3 replies

I go to school in Quebec but live in the United States so when I go home for break there is no use for my Koodo phone. Is it possible to deactivate my phone during the months I am home so that I am not paying for service I am not using? If it is any help I am using an unlocked phone and have no tab. Thanks!

3 replies

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As long as it's a minimum of a month, yes you can switch to the seasonal hold for $15/month.
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If you do cancel, you can still resume service within 90 days. After that, though, the number goes back into the pool and will be assigned to someone else.
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Keep in mind if you take the hold and you're on a plan that is no longer offered, that plan won't be available for you to switch back to when you're ready to use your phone again. So it may be worth it to just pay for that month so you can keep your plan.