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can't send receive bbm

  • 20 October 2014
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I am posting this question on behalf of my brother since he is technologically challenged. He purchased a BlackBerry Q5 about 2 years ago and of course he has his plan with Koodo, he was always able to send and receive BBM's. About 2 weeks ago he dropped his phone while out on his boat and needless to say it does not work anymore.

I purchased a new BlackBerry Q5 for him, I set the phone up and got him signed in with his BlackBerry ID and I sent out a couple BBM's and it worked fine. At the time I was just connected to my Wi-Fi because I had no Sim to put in the phone.

When my brother got the phone he took it into Koodo and had a new Sim put in the phone and now he can no longer send or receive BBM's. I had him go to Settingsā€¦ BlackBerry ID and the message he gets is you must be connected to a network. The little BlackBerry icon on the top right of the phone is no longer showing up either.

All he did was get a new Sim put in the phone, he did not change his plan in any way so is this an issue for Koodo or is there some phone setting that I am not aware of that I need to get him to change?

Sorry for the long-winded description but I wanted to put in as much information as possible to help anybody who wants to try and answer this question.

3 replies

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Power off the Q5 and make sure the sim is inserted a the way then repower it. Next Make sure the data switch under the mobile networks option is switched on.
It might be related to his pin for bbm Every device has there own and might also corrupt some communications in between the two Contact blackberry customer service for more info or visit the blackberry website
I'm embarrassed to say I got it working when I suggested he try going to BBW & installing a current version if there is one. He updated & wala it's now working.

Thanks guys for your suggestions & sorry for taking up your time.