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Can't receive incoming calls

I just transferred my number from bell to koodo. I have an unlocked Blackberry Q10. I have been receiving texts and can make outgoing calls but have not been able to receive any incoming calls. I have a prepaid account which I topped up with phone minutes.

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Did you add a talk booster to your baseplan?
Yes I did.
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Have you turned the bb off and removed \ reinstalled the battery. Also you say you just ported, has it been more than 24 hrs? Did you get a text saying the port. Had completed?
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How long ago did you set it up?
Sometimes during a number port you will only be able to make outgoing calls until the port is complete.
You will get a text from Koodo when the port is completed. (Sometimes takes up to an hour)
Meanwhile incoming calls will go to your old sim card.
Has only been a couple of hours. Will wait for the text.
Ok thanks - just received the text and am up and running. Thx. For your help!