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Can't connect to wifi on BB

How come I can't surf the net on wifi anymore with out a data plan. I used to be able to

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I noticed that myself, odd that Wifi won't work without a data plan but then a lot of things won't work on a BB without data. Oddly enough if you take out the SIM card so you have no network service at all then Wifi works for web browsing, etc. (but of course not for everything) 🙂 I also would like to know how to make Wifi work on a BB with no data or data turned off.
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Hard to believe that no one has come up with an answer for this? Inquiring minds want to know.... Is this really the case that Wifi just won't work and can't be made to work without data? I find if I have data turned off on my Curve 9300 then Wifi won't work... if I take out the SIM card then it works. Is this really the way it is suppose to be? Isn't there a way to at least have browser access on Wifi either without data or with data turned off? If I was in Zone 2 ($10/MB) I sure as heck would want data turned off and perhaps want to use the hotel Wifi for something. Anyone?
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Hey GeorgaDawn, what Blackberry do you have?
It's a BB Curve
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I did a lot of Google searching and as odd as it may be, a Curve 9300 with service but no data on the plan or data turned off won't work on Wifi unless you remove the SIM card and then it works fine (on Wifi) but obviously not well as a phone 😞 To me it doesn't make sense it should be this way but it seems that's the way it is.
Yea, I used to be able to use wifi and then suddenly it stopped a few months back.
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Since there are many Blackberry Curves, can you tell us which one you have?
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GeorgaDawn Moase wrote:


Using this web link(http://koodomobile.com/en/on/phonecompatibility.shtml), you can enter in the IMEI of your phone and it will let you know what HSPA phone you have 🙂.
Blackberry 8530
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Apparently there is a setting somewhere to set the default browser to use "hotspot" data for browsing but I can't find it. On my 9300 taking out the SIM card kind of tells it not to bother trying data (as there is obviously no cellular network connectivity at all) and then Wifi works so it's just a setting somewhere you need to change to make this work again. One reference I came across: "there used to be a setting for the browser (default browser) and you could set it to hot spot, but from my understanding, this has been removed from 6.0 for user interface simplification." So I'm basically having the same problem but I admit I'm not a BB expert at all and often find all the settings and menus confusingly laid out.
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Hi there, it should be working fine without a data plan. On the BlackBerry Curve 8530, you need to switch the browser manually to Hotspot when using Wi-Fi: 1 Go to the Browser. 2 Press the BlackBerry button. 3 Select Options. 4 Select Browser Configuration. You can also verify if everything is ok with your Wifi network (try to turn off your router). If you're still having issues with it, I suggest that you give us a call. We'll check if it comes from the phone or your Wifi network. We can be reached at 1-866-995-6636 from a landline, option #6 🙂
Thank you this worked, I had called previously to the 800 number but was told that Blackberry itself was requiring a data plan now so there was nothing that could be done. I really appreciate the help from everyone.