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Can't change plan with self serve???

Self serve wont let me view my plan or bill, it just shows me my email/password/etc info? How can I change my plan with self serve??

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Hi there Hayley... If the system is asking you to change your e-mail, password, etc, probably there is a conflict on your Self Service account either for trying to many times or because you created several profiles... Try by deleting all the cookies and temporary files in your browser and re-try to see if it works... If not, feel free to call Customer Service to get you profile re-set, probably delete extra profiles if any, then you will receive an e-mail to re-set password again and then you just follow the instructions... If you get to enter, you will see a message saying "Welcome Hayley" and then you will see several tabs (Overview, Billing, Plans and Add-ons, etc)
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When you log into Self Serve, does it ask you to change your email or anything like that? If so, there is a chance the profile is not set up to allow access. What you can do is call Koodo and have them fix that to allow such changes. In the event you are still not able to do the change in Self Serve, the agent would be able to do the change at no cost to you.