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Can Koodo ship a phone to an international country?

Good night! I wolud like if KOODO can send a Blacberry Z10 to Colombia into Villavicencio - Meta, and what would be the price of the phone with the shipping to my country, what about the means of payment, and if you send the phone by plane, what would be the price? Thanks for your atention! I hope that you answer me, God bless your business

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Hi there Ivan... Unfortunately Koodo will only ship your Phone to a Canadian Address... If you want to check the prices please follow the link... Enjoy... https://shop.koodomobile.com/phones/models/index.html Delivery About the shipping address. It’s got to be Canadian – orders with non-Canadian addresses can’t be processed. We also can’t ship to P.O. Boxes. And there should be someone at the address able to receive your order anytime between 9am to 5pm, Monday through Friday. To prevent theft, a signature is required for every delivery unless you specify otherwise in your shipping instructions. All rural route addresses must include a street address and phone number. If you live in an apartment, please put your buzzer number in the shipping instructions. Also use the shipping instructions field to give us any additional delivery information (like: leave at the back door or leave without signature). The courier service will attempt to deliver three times, and will offer alternative delivery or pick-up methods if you’re unavailable. Your shipping confirmation email lists your tracking number and links to information on contacting the courier service for more details. To ensure a reliable and traceable delivery, Koodo Mobile uses Purolator or ATS. However, neither Koodo Mobile nor the courier service are responsible for any missing or incorrect information entered on your initial order. Packages with insufficient delivery information will be returned to Koodo Mobile.
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Ivan, just as Camilo said, Koodo cannot send packages outside Canada. The z10 currently costs $550 CAD locked to Koodo Mobile. Plus, you have to be at least 3 month koodo mobile customer to get a carrier unlock on your phone which will cost $50. If you want a z10 before returning to Canada, I recommend buying it locally or online unlocked.
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Erwin wrote:

Ivan, just as Camilo said, Koodo cannot send packages outside Canada. The z10 currently costs $55...

I don't think they're returning to Canada, I think they're just looking to import the phone from somewhere as I assume it's probably not available in Colombia or if it is probably more expensive to buy.