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Can Koodo get the BB10 phones??

  • 30 June 2015
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5 replies

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It offered the Z10, the Q10, and the Q5, all of which sold poorly. I wouldn't count on them offering anything else in the near future.
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The Telus prepaid q5 can be found from 99 to 130 and will work on Koodo without being unlocked
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As Ivan said, nobody is really buying Blackberries anymore. So if your looking for one the best bet is usually to either find one used or get an unlocked on and put your sim card in it.
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Best Buy has Telus Q5 prepaid. Anywhere from $90.00 to $130.00. Price range is due to the sales they have at times. I agree BB10 devices are wonderful. I have the Q5, when Koodo had them, and it's a great phone! :) 
I just switched from an iPhone 4S to BB Q5. I bought outright on Amazon unlocked. Love it! Much better- not constantly updating apps...it just works! Might look for the Z10 too...