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Can I use the positive tab for my downpayment for the new phone

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need the reply
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If any portion of your tab is currently negative, you'll need to pay that off before you can use tab again
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You can use the positive portion of your tab to reduce the cost before buying the phone outright or on negative tab
You have two options.... if u are ready to up grade. So if on a plan 2 or 3 years. At that end of ur period ur ready for an upgrade. You can upgrade for a newer better phone. There will be one or two maybe a few that will be free to you or you can get and even better phone one that you would have to pay some am out out of ur pocket and yes what ever you have racked up in the positive, they can use that to reduce the price of a phone THAT WOULD cost you money. But there are many phone that will be free to you if you have reached the end of you yearly plan. And not just the same name brand. There is Samsung iPhone blackberry and a few others... I upgraded form the galaxy ace ll X to the GALAXY Note ll. I could have got a newer better phone but it would have been 400 cash out of my picket after my positive balance was used... so I was happy with getting a computer phone... I love it... never have to worry about looking for a pen and paper to jot down a number or quick note. Pull the Pen out and a note pan open up automatically... plus the dual screen. I can have two screens open at once.... not sure why when making a call I don't have a face time option button. But there is a lot about this little bugger I haven't learnt yet... hope my rambling helped
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CC wrote:

You have two options.... if u are ready to up grade. So if on a plan 2 or 3 years. At that end of...

Thanks Christy but just a few things. Koodo doesn't hold you to any term, yes the tab runs out after two years (no more three+ yr tabs) but you can pay what you owe on your tab at anytime and then upgrade. Or you can buy another phone at full price and just throw your sim in it. Or you can pay off your tab, buy a phone at full price, and get a 10% discount for bringing your own phone. Lots of options here.