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Can I unlock my old Koodo phone?

  • 11 August 2013
  • 5 replies

Can I unlock my old Koodo Phone? And also, does it cost anything?

5 replies

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If you are a customer with koodo and it's a koodo phone that's been on the account for at least 90 days then you can get it u locked from Koodo for $50. If it's not a koodo phone then you have to get it unlocked from the provider the phone was purchased from. Another option and usually cheaper is to get it unlocked from an online service such as GSM LIBERTY or CELLUNLOCKER. They'll ask you what phone it is and tell you various prices depending on what phone it is but it's usually cheaper than u locking from a provider.
I got my Blackberry unlocked had a issue the tower pic was not on for connection anyhow Virgin Mobile card was installed no luck and then a koodo sim card what does the pic of tower got to do with my connection it now on hope it picks up a sim card connect on thursday
I got 9300 BB I think it was under mobile networks and my date and time dont stay set when I turn off or turn back on witch peaves me off.
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Rodney, did you use the IMEI checker? Some virgin BlackBerry like the curve 3g just aren't compatible . Check it out here. http://bit.ly/1cczSKQ
You can purchase unlock codes for most of the Blackberry mobiles from http://www.unbblock.com Once unlocked you can use any carrier to it..