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can i stay in the same monthly plan while upgrading my cell

I am thinking of getting the s4 but the new plans are ridiculous. My sis and mom have android and they are on the 20/month plan with pay per data. I have an old blackberry and want to switch to android as well. I am currently on the 20/month Canada wide. So I was wondering if I could just buy the s4 upfront or use their tab while using the same plan that I am currently on? I am browsing other companies if they have better deals and jump ship but the only thing that is holding me back is the family talk since everyone is in koodo.

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Short answer: yes you can 🙂 Long answer, yes certainly you can stay on the same plan 😃 With your $20 plan, you only qualify for the Small Tab though, so you can get a device with $150 subsidy - probably more if you built up a positive Tab already!
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You say the new plans are ridiculous when the reality is some of them are better than what was offered a little over a year ago, there's now a 15% contribution from Koodo AND a 24 month guarantee payoff. It seems like people can't understand this. All they see is a slightly higher $ amount and freak out. If you looked at Tab Large plans, then I get where you're coming from, but the increased value in your rate plan and the Tab Medium option means Koodo isn't really worse than it used to be aside from losing out on $20/$25 plans, but now they have prepaid to fill that gap...
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I doubt you will find anything better out there unless you are williing to go with spotty service. I looked and all the other offer similar if not more expensive plans than koodo.