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Can a used Black Berry Q5 be capable of a pre-paid plan if the former plan was monthly/contract?

My friend is selling a used Black Berry Q5 that is next to brand new. the original plan for this phone was a contract, but she mentioned it could be changed to a pre-paid when buying the sim card. I'm just wanting to know if this is possible and can I do this all online? or do I have to go to a Koodo booth somewhere? I want a pre-paid phone plan because I find them more convenient, but I want to make sure that it's doable with this phone. I can't seem to find this phone anywhere on the Koodo website and when checking other websites it says that the Black Berry Q5 may possibly no longer have any plans with Koodo. Is this accurate? Would love to know either way.

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The Q5 will work on Koodo prepaid as long as it was previously used with Telus or Koodo, or if it has been unlocked. You can buy a prepaid micro-SIM from https://shop.koodomobile.com/phones/accessories/index.html or at a Koodo kiosk, then activate it online.
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Your friend is correct