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calls going direct to answering service

  • 2 November 2013
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In the past week people that have tried to call me have their calls go straight to the answering service they don't get any ring. Doesn't happen every time but my sister said it took her 4 tries to get my phone to ring over 3 hour period.  If they do leave a message it can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 24 hours for my phone to alert me that I have a voice mail.

This has been an ongoing problem since I got my 1st phone with Koodo in 2010 on my Samsung Evergreen, carried over a couple of times on my Galaxy (but only had that for 3 months then changed to z10). It has happened at least 10 times that I know of in the past week.

I have removed the battery & sim 3 times now & that hasn't helped. My phone wasn't busy at the time my sister was calling, nothing running at all.

Anyone here have a solution or do I have to call *611?

Thanks in advance.

5 replies

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That's odd. Are you always in an area with full coverage? It's happened to me occasionally when at work but it's pretty rare & only when the service for me dripped to zero bars of coverage.
Right in downtown Halifax yes, full signal strength.
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Right in downtown Halifax yes, full signal strength.
Try to do a prl update on your phone. Dial *22803 and follow the instructions. It might help.
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Right in downtown Halifax yes, full signal strength.
That's not gonna work on an HSPA device.
Guess I'll have to call 611 & see what they have to say, if it keeps up then I'll have to call Virgin. Thanks for your input all.