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Calling friends and family getting better

[i][b]                                                  " TALK MORE WITH K2K "

Connect to friends and family, unlimited calling via Koodo to Koodo network anywhere in Canada. No need to worry where your loved ones are in Canada. No matter what plan you are on. Just dial the koodo number and get started for unlimited talk. 

[b]Its a win-win situation

For Business: Get more connections and services when customer sign up together to get unlimited talk just paying $2 per month. 

For Customer: No worries of plan, talk unlimited, anytime, anywhere. No need looking at what plan you have, just dial the koodo number and reach without worrying about the minutes. 


Koodo is mobile brand of one the biggest competitors in Canada for wireless network, which is TELUS. The company shares almost 30% (approx.) users all over Canada. With Idea of "K2K", we can reach more users subscribing for more wireless networks. 

Out of which almost 49% (approx.) users are subscribed to the data packages. The remaining 51% (approx.) are those who are on the daytime minutes. 

We can target more customer to sign up with koodo with the idea of "K2K". For the market share of the remaining 70% (approx.) which are with other
networks, we can attract new customer.       

[i][b]"Customer is King of Market"

[b]Customer do not want to go with the unlimited calling plan because they say, they don't use long distance. But with "K2K" that customer can call any koodo number anywhere in Canada for unlimited. That means more customer will sign up for koodo in order to talk more. Whereas, for business koodo network will be best suitable for employees
to connect with low cost and higher productivity. 
  • husband to wife
  • son to father
  • mother to daughter
  • friend to friend
  • manager to manager
  • client to customer
[i]                                                                                       "a small change can make big difference"

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