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Broke in less then 24 hours!

I got the Samsung Galaxy ace ll x and dident even have it for 24 hours befor it vibrated itself off of my table and broke the bottom part of my screen. making it unable to use , so i had to have the plan switched to an older phone that i had on hand , why was koodo unable to help me in fixing or giving me another ace, im paying for things my phone dosent even have , and cant do , thats why i wanted the ace ll i dident even have it for 24 hours. please help!

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So sorry to hear that your phone broke in less than 24 hrs... Unfortunately physical or water damage is not covered by the warranty, the only option here will be to use your TAB again to get another phone, most likely you used the TAB S, so you can try to use the TAB M which will allow you to have up to 300$ to get another phone depending on how much your existing Tab is... Another thing you could do is, bring that old phone to the Koodo Store to see if you can get some dollars for it under the Trade-in program, probably you can get something out of it... Last, if those are not solutions, you may contact Customer Service, after reviewing your file probably there is a way that they can give you a hand to get another phone...
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As noted, physical damage isn't covered under warranty. Koodo can send it in for repair, but it will cost extra. Consider a case on your next phone, it has saved me more times than I can count.
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To be honest, when you drive a car off the lot and get into an accident can you go back to the car dealer and ask for a brand new one?
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Chris Petersens wrote:

To be honest, when you drive a car off the lot and get into an accident can you go back to the ca...

:) I almost wrote the same thing...
Any physical damage that happens to an electronic device or vehicle is never covered under the warranty(granted, cars may be slightly different due to insurance).