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Brainstorm Contest- SMS Heads up-dates on Specials on phone and monthly plans

I think it would be great to send all customers SMS updates on new phone plans and seasonal specials that Koodo tends to have throughout the year. These SMS Heads up updates should be sent out to customers for the following events at Koodo to name a few:

-If monthly plan prices are temporarily reduced for a special
-If a monthly plan special has better benefits for the same price as the normal monthly plan offered with less benefits (like the minutes offered on a monthly plan is increased yet the price is the same if a customer switches their plan when the special is offered).
-When a new phone is coming to or will be available at Koodo
-When phone prices drop/ or are on sale for a seasonal special (eg. Christmas)

All of these update SMS texts sent to customers will allow customers to get the best bang for their buck, as well as ensure their convenience in purchasing or waiting for new phones (ie. less time wasted constantly checking for a phones availability in store). Likewise, this is a cheaper alternative to advertising these specials to Koodo customers (rather than on TV, etc) and ensures it reaches all intended audience- thus most efficient and most customer return to Koodo's benefit.

Lastly, some customer don't enjoy having these SMS regular updates constantly hounding their inbox. Therefore, these updates should be minimal (eg once every 3 months/ once for every special), and should also be easily unsubscribed if the customer does not wish for these updates. 🙂

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