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Blackberry Z10 Contafts

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Hey Koodo Community, I am having some contact issues with my Z10. First, whenever I searcy my contacts it says "No Result Found"...this happens no matter what I search even though when I go through the list I can find them when I scroll through the list. Second, when someone new messages me it just comes up with their just their number(no name) even though I have them in my contact list. I am just wondering if someone has a solution for this or if it is a glitch that I will have to wait for an update from Blackberry.

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That's odd. How'd you import your Contacts, is it via your GMail account for example? How're you Searching? If it's via the Android portion that could be why. On my Z10 it wouldn't search properly if I was using an Android App. Have you tried removing that account associated with the Contacts then re-adding it?
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I have contacts that are local contacts, Facebook contacts, gmail/hotmail contacts, etc. I have no Android apps on my phone, all my apps either came on the phone or came from BB app world. But I found that it will only show their name (whether they are texting me or whatsapping me) if they have a number connected to Facebook (even though I have their number saved in my phone). And again still having the search problem. I have tried looking through all the settings and I have not always had this problem and I am just really confused.
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This isn't standard. Backup using link. Security Wipe. Restore. Report Back.