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Blackberry to iPhone plan?

Hi, I have a blackberry curve 3g and my plan is currently 25$/month, however my tab is up and I'm thinking of switching to an iPhone. I was wondering if I switch to an iPhone will I still be able to keep my current plan? Thanks in advance.

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Sure you can keep your plan. However if you had the free BBM/email/messaging, dont expect that to charge over since the way the 2 are managed are different between the phone. Any internet use (email, web, apps) on an iphone will use data (or wifi if you are thusly connected)
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You can indeed, but you'll have to take Tab S, which is -150 off the phone. It's not shown on the website but it's available. Which iPhone you were looking at? We'll crunch some numbers to see if it's worth switching to Tab M or not.
I'm either looking at the Iphone 5S or the 5c, and I also have a credit towards a new phone.
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Okay, so here's the numbers for a 5S, for example's sake. Phone costs $725. Plan is calculated over 24 months because your Tab will be 0 at that point. Tax is not included in my calculations. Tab S (keep your plan): $575 in store + ($25 plan * 24 months) = $1,175. Tab M has a special deal: $350 in store (normally $425) + ($29 minimum plan + $5 Tab charge * 24 months) = $1,166. Also take off whatever positive Tab you have from the store price. Unless you gave a $25 plan with 200 daytime minutes and you really really need them, I highly recommend you get Tab Medium for the 5S. Not only do you avoid paying an extra $225 in store, but it's $9 cheaper over 24 months, although that might not be a significant amount. The calculation for the 5C pricing is similar aside from there being a cheaper upfront cost for both Tab S or M.