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Why does Koodo not offer Blackberry handsets in their Plans?  As Koodo uses the Telus mobile network and Telus offers Blackberry handsets (like Passport) why doesn't Koodo?  I understand the widespread acceptance of OS like Android, Windows 8 and Apple but for men, the tactile keyboard of the Blackberry is superlative to the others.

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BlackBerry 10 phones didn't sell well at all if you know enough about BlackBerry. Koodo carried the Z10, Q10 and Q5. This is why carriers are wary of carrying BlackBerry right now. However the Passport seems to be quite the popular phone and Koodo may seriously consider carrying it if there's enough demand, especially since TELUS sells it. I love BlackBerry and really hope Koodo carries the Passport. Currently a Q10 owner and I love it. I'd suggest submitting an 'idea' for Koodo to carry the Passport. It does make a difference.
i love koodo and am a q-10 user .nothing else interests me.i text and call thats it! it has superior security and thats most important to me .will get a passport only on koodo or will leave koodo after 7 years of service