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BlackBerry Q5 texts/picture attachments not sending/receiving in a timely manner

Ever since I made the switch to the Q5 in June (from a Curve, and the Stay Social Combo plan), my picture texts take HOURS (like up to 12 hours) to send/receive, and I'm not getting some texts at all. Is this a known issue, and how do I resolve it? Thanks!

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Do you still have the stay social plan attached to your account ?
No - I have the 500mb data plan now.
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Open Hub. Tap the overflow menu (3 dots on left) Tap settings Tap text messages Tap MMS Does it look like mine? Change as needed. If it does, contact koodo for tech support, your switch may need to be cleared on Koodo's end

Thanks! I think the issue has been resolved. Because I had a different plan before (and didn't need to monitor data usage), I've been paranoid about leaving my data on for the current 500 mb plan. I was only turning it on when wi-fi is not available. My eureka moment came last night realizing I need Data to be ON to send/receive photos. Wi-fi alone won't work. So I will just have to work around that. Thanks for your feedback in helping me resolve this.