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Blackberry Q5 stuck in reboot cycle?

  • 17 July 2015
  • 2 replies

Hi, my Blackberry Q5 suddenly turned off in the middle of a text yesterday, and since then has been stuck in a turn-off/turn-on cycle. It had over 50% battery when this happened. I've let the battery run out since I couldn't turn on or off my phone and have plugged it in again. It started that same cycle again but is now stuck with no screen activity and a slowly flashing yellow LED. What could be the problem and how do I fix it? Thanks.

2 replies

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Yellow slow flash usually means the device is off, but charging. If holding the Power button for a few seconds doesn't start it, or goes back into boot loop, you can try using Link to restore the device (that is last resort as it will wipe to do a restore the os)
I've tried restoring using Link, however the phone does not stay on long enough to be recognized and restored. I've had it for just over a year and had to restore it three months ago because it froze and was, again, unusable. I'm trying to charge it now to see if it helps, if not I'm taking it to my local Koodo. Hopefully I can get it fixed or replaced.