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Blackberry Q10 Battery Drain - Linked to Carrier Updates and Operations?

  • 16 July 2013
  • 2 replies

For the past two months, my BB Q10 has encountered random periods (2-5 days) where the battery drainage is incredibly fast. Generally, my battery lasts a full day if not more of activity (email, calls, texts, calendar, browser, gps, games, social media), but during these random days, my battery will barely last half a day before my phone is completely drained and shuts off. I think this might be a carrier issue as my contact list, text messages, calendar and gmail have a delay in open time (approx 15-30 seconds) whereas they are instantaneous during normal days. The phone also gets extremely hot during these random days. It usually goes away after a maximum of 5 days, but this shouldn't be an issue I have to deal with, especially with a new phone. Can someone from Koodo operations look into this? Does anyone else from the Koodo/Blackberry Q10 community have similar issues with random periods of fast battery drainage, increased phone temperature and delays in opening up text messages and email?

2 replies

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This is not provider problem, many other BB Q10 users are reporting same issue, read more on this crackberry Forum http://forums.crackberry.com/blackberry-q10-f272/q10-battery-draining-too-fast-802692/
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It's likely an android app. I found ebay, for example, would randomly drain. I side loaded advanced task killer, and found which apps kept themselves running. Then after I removed them, my battery life has been stable since.