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Koodo should carry Blackberry devices as not everyone wants the same Samsung/Apple phones.

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You can buy one direct from Blackberry.com. They are not in sufficient demand for Koodo to carry them.

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I don't think that the entire production run of the dtek60 is going to be 100k units even.

If you want something different from Koodo there is LG and Motorola usually. Beyond that the non carrier sold phones in the 200-500 dollar range really started taking off recently and there's more coming. They're definitely worth a look if you want something different or about as capable for much less.
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There is also BLU sold on Amazon, they seem to be rated well, Samsung and Apple are over rated.
I still use Blackberry as the phone has been rugged and reliable plus I like the physical keyboard. Buy it from Blackberry  it will be unlocked so when your carrier aggravates you with poor service you can walk to another provider