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Blackberry Passport

I would love to buy a Blackberry Passport on my own - can I bring that phone to my plan with Koodo - OR must I leave Koodo in order to get the Passport

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You can indeed buy the passport outright and use it with koodo. All you need to do is take your SIM card from your current phone and put it in your passport. If it's not the same size, visit a retailer and buy the right size Sim. You can switch to the new Sim via self serve. Enjoy
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Also, to add.. If you purchase a brand new Passport, whether from BlackBerry or another carrier, I highly recommend getting the protection plan! http://ca.blackberry.com/support/bb-care-warranty.html

It's cheap and covers physical and liquid damage that the standard warranty doesn't.
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If your Passport happens to be locked to TELUS, you won't even need to get it unlocked.