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Blackberry Facebook app not working?

My boyfriend has a Blackberry Bold 9700, I think, and recently his Facebook app hasn't been working. Its not getting any notifications and yesterday he tried logging out of facebook on his phone and back onto it, and it had deleted all his notifications and messages, from his phone and from his facebook account on the computer. Any suggestions on what he can do or why this happened? Thanks!

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hey Sarah have him check for an updated version fro fb in bb app world if not have him delete it and reinstall it
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Did it delete the actual Facebook messages or just not show notification of unread FB messages?
Both. It deleted all of his messages and notifications, when you go to either of them on the facebook website it doesn't show anything. And when he does get a new message or notification, it doesn't pop up on his phone or anything, sometimes they pop up when he actually goes to his messages/notifications on his facebook app, but if he doesn't nothing comes up.
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Have him goto facebook on a computer and under srttings look fot apps. Unregister the facebook app from facebook. Then uninstall and reinstall it on his BB. See if that helps.