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Blackberry Curve plan changed. Don't want to use data but only send texts with pictures and make calls.

I have an old Blackberry Curve and was on a plan that included Facebook, text (with picture capability). I never used data. Today I changed to a plan with unlimited anytime minutes and the sales person talked about "data block" to prevent me from using data. I've never had data and didn't understand how my existing phone would suddenly use it. Have I made a mistake? All I want is to phone and text and send/receive the occasional picture. Are Facebook notifications suddenly going to be using data? Would there be other things on my phone that will suddenly use data when they never did before? I'm afraid to leave the house with my phone on in case I start incurring charges.

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This was changed years ago.

The older blackberries like the curve required special data compression and provisioning - this allowed carriers to offer certain internet functions like  Facebook, pic messages, BBM, and email without necessitating the usage of a traditional data bucket like iPhones or Androids. This was nice because "extra" things didn't work.

Since those legacy Blackberries have almost all but disappeared, those plans are no longer available. The newer Blackberries (around 2013) starting with BB 10, use the "traditional" data buckets to do anything not connected to WiFi, so while you have more freedom and speed, it will count towards a total allotment of data, in MB or GB.

I'm not sure if Koodo even has a provisioning SKU available to correct this if you selected a data bucket plan. You could try calling into customer service to see if there's another option for you. You might need to upgrade your device.
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Hi Joanne, picture messaging and Facebook notifications always required data to work. The difference is that you use to have the data add-on "BlackBerry Social" that would let the phone use data only for specific services, such as picture messaging, Facebook, Twitter, BlackBerry messenger, and some other less known social media app. Now that you changed your plan, you do not have this feature anymore. Your current data block will permit picture messaging via text, but Facebook will only work while connected on Wi-Fi.
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Also you do not have to worry about your phone erroneously using data even without a block on. BBOS legacy devices are extremely good at not using data in background. Once yo exit an app via the menu key it's done. As long as you don't add these things in settings as par of rrceiving notifications you're good. But that's all moot with t data block on.