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Blackberry Bold 9790 battery overheats and phone shuts off

Blackberry Bold 9790 battery overheats and then phone shuts off.
The phone is 11 months old. Is the battery covered under the warranty? Has anyone else had this issue?

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Yes, the battery is covered under warranty.
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Like Timo said, it's covered. Send it back and get it repaired/replaced before your warranty runs out 😉
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If your phone is within 1 year of purchase (assuming you haven't sent your current phone in for repair already). Client Care will send you a replacement battery free of charge just make sure you send the broken one back! 🙂
Who do I contact?
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dial *611 or 866-99-koodo but the office might be closed right now 😞 You may have to call tommorow.
great and thank You 🙂