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Blackberry 9900 in 2018

  • 6 April 2018
  • 4 replies

I loved this phone back in the day. Especially the physical keyboard. What I am wondering is, is anyone using this phone in 2018 on Koodo? Your thoughts and review would be awesome. I'm thinking of dumping my smartphone and purchasing one of these phones (yes, there are some out there for sale still). TIA for the info.

4 replies

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I think that it would be pointless to do so unless you wanted a barely smartphone experience. The app store is being closed down before long. It's just slow. If you want it to run better you need to use "shrink-a-os" to get every last MB of memory you can out of it. You'll need to flash it once or twice a year to keep it at top speed. The cameras are horrible by today 's standards. The browser is barely ok and that might be barely ok a few years ago. There's a good reason rim/bb switched to bb10. You're going to have great talk and text / messaging, but that's it. I don't even remember if major messaging apps still support bbos.
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I think it would be wiser to pick up a KeyONE or a used Priv if you really want the physical keyboard experience.  At least both run Android, meaning you can continue to enjoy a rich set of apps and services but with the convenience of a physical keyboard and the security of BlackBerry.  It would be very limiting trying to live with a BB7 device in 2018, IMHO.

Does Koodo still run a BIS server, or provide access to Telus' BIS for data services?  If not, the phone would essentially be relegated to talk + text.
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I recently switched from an iPhone to a BlackBerry Classic running BB10. There's still a decent amount of apps available, decent memory on the phone, and it has an OK browser.  The cameras are OK as well.  The Google Play store can also be installed on a BB10 device like the Classic.  If you're looking at switching back to BlackBerry, and are not interested in one of the new Android devices, I recommend considering purchasing a Classic or Passport.  

Having switched previously from a BlackBerry 8530 to a Q5, I can tell you from experience that the BlackBerry keyboards on BB10 are WAY better than those on BB7.
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My old z30 barely held up to 10.3. The classic runs the older non pro s4. I would not get anything below the passport if you must get a bb10 device.