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Blackberry 9320 and new Bell Mail

Blackberry 9320 from Koodo used to pick up sympatico mails through Outlook. Now that Bell has modified system so that I need to go through bell mail, can't seem to access. Bell's instructions for cellphone sync refer to Blackberry 9360. Will the 9320 not work with Bell mail. Thought I would try community before waiting for Bell to answer 

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Not sure about bells systems. Try a bell forum or BlackBerry forum for the answer. Although someone in here may know the answer.
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Do you have access to the BIS still?
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I thought the 9320 and 9360 were basically the same phone inside, just a bit of the exterior view was different.  I would contact Bell at 1-800-667-0123 and ask them how to fix this.
I am having same problem with Bell Sympatico not pushing emails to my Blackberry 9790. Can send emails but my Sympatico account is not set up as IMAP so that may be why I can send.

I followed Bell's instructions for setting up account on Bold, but I have not "Advanced Internet Settings" as an option on my email account setup on the phone. So I try to log onto my BIS account and strangely I don't have access to my BIS account. When I try to sign I get a message telling me to access account through email account setup on my smartphone!

Stumped. Please help.