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Blackberry 10 Data

Hi! Is there a way to get Blackberry 10 smartphones to work with existing Blackberry data plans? It seems koodo has locked the apn settings on bb10 devices for use with "sp.koodo.com" only?

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No there isn't because the new Blackberries aren't compatable with the old blackberry plans. The new blackberry devices have their data working just like Android & iPhone.
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You would need to unlock the device to change the apn at all. Once unlocked, the devices get apn info from the sim / carrier I use mine with Koodo and a USA Carrier (but it's unlocked)
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I have a BB plan and put the SIM in a BB10 device. yes, it uses sp.koodo.com, but I'm not charge extra. There should be no concerns by keeping your current plan with a bb10 device.
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The only bb plans that don't work with bb10 are the bb specific add ons, like unlimited bbm, bb social, bb value/basic and bb connect.