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Hi koodo! My idea to help your already great network would be for your customers to be able to pay there bill in an easier, faster and more registered way! I myself, pay through my bank for I do not have a credit card, you only really give an easy option for those who do have a credit card. Well, every time I pay I have to go through my bank & then call? Enter all details for my bill and 9/10 times it is not registered and then have to talk to one of your great CSR's. The idea: TEXT! Being able to send your amount via text with your 4 digit pin. Enter the amount? That number and presto your accounts team have it on their screens so no need for them to have to waste their time for me calling with my small request when they could be dealing with other problems! I know it's a change? But you can do so much more when being able to text such things? E.g I'm European and our phone companies are more pay as you go rather than bill, and any option we need such as a top up, more internet even getting contacts back are all one text away safe! Thanks for listening! ( and reading)

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