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better selection of BB10 phones

It would be nice to see koodo carry BlackBerry phones such as the z10, q10, z30 for various tabs

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Hopefully in the future they will but I believe the q5 was just added to koodo. Maybe we will see the other ones in the future.
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The Z10 and Q10 were already carried last year but the sales were poor, so they eventually discontinued them. Z30 would be cool to have, but it's not in high enough demand for Koodo to carry it.
It would be nice if they brought them back or at least offered them online. There are those of us our here who still want a BlackBerry device. Just cause last year was poor doesn't mean this might be? My tab is up soon and I'm already looking at other companies with a wider selection of BB's.; but I love the TAB feature with Koodo.
I think many would agree that last year wasn't the best time for BB and Bb10. A lot could have changed in regards demand. At least make them available on line for users. It's like going to McDonald's and only being able to order 5 items instead of the whole menu cause those 5 are the most popular. the Filet o fish can't be the most popular but it's still on the menu for the die hards. Bb has come a long way and will go a long way yet. just cause it wasn't popular then doesn't means it not now, it wasn't given at the right time as an option. the Q5 is not the answer people want.
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I'd love to see the Z30 being carrier by Koodo...but unfortunately don't think it'll happen given how low the sales of the Z10 & Q10 were. Hopefully they'll give Blackberry another chance though!
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I think the Q5 is there just to appease the "masses" who still want a BlackBerry. Don't get me wrong as I'm literally a Huge BlackBerry enthusiasts, but the demand just isn't there. Later in Sept and November BlackBerry will be releasing 2 new BlackBerry devices and there are already rumors about the original BlackBerry Z and Q lines reaching "end of life" status at that point. Hopefully BlackBerry can persuade Koodo to take those two new devices on. In the meantime you could always take a tab on an Android device and then sell it to get the BlackBerry you really want. Heck I traded an S4 for my Z30.