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Better Data Plans

Koodo is lacking in decent data plans. Most other companies seem to be on board with this already (i.e., Wind has an unlimited data plan for under $40.) As it is now, I don't use data on my phone, because it's not included in my monthly plan and I get charged if I go over a ridiculously small amount (i.e., if I send a couple of pictures.) The koodo plans that do provide data are far from unlimited and they are expensive in comparison to other providers. With things like whatsapp and messenger in existence, people are already able to send media files with just a wifi connection and it's annoying that we don't have the freedom to utilize a more reasonable amount of data via the koodo network as well.  It seems like you're denying people a service that is expected by most consumers and I imagine you've lost a lot of customers as a result. I don't think it's unreasonable to provide a reasonable amount of data with your base plans.

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Wind coverage and network isn't as fast or reliable as Telus or Koodo which is why the plans cost more money. Koodo actually hit 1 million subscribers last year and its still going up so they're doing something right.
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Plus with most people who switch from Koodo to Wind tend to switch back due to lack of service where they live.