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  • 28 October 2013
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As we all know, BBM cam out on iphone and android not long ago.. i was very excited all summer for bbm, so when it came out i went right away on my Samsung Galaxy ACE to get it.. WASNT COMPATIBLE with my device. Im very ticked off and i think iits very unfair. why cant bbm be compatible on every android, a lot of phones arent lucky enough.. and its too unfair..

3 replies

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So, what should Koodo do about it?
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Hi Lauren, This is a known issue with the BBM Android app. It is not compatible with all Android phones. There is not much -- correction, there is nothing that Koodo can do about that because Koodo did not develop the app. You are better off to voice your displeasure with Blackberry (the maker of BBM) and let them know so that they can add support for your phone to their app. It really is in the hands of Blackberry.
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I had the same compatibility issue with my Nexus 7 2013 so I sideloaded the apk file and its working fine. Track down the apk file on the web or wait for your device to be added to the list of compatible devices by BlackBerry in the Playstore as they are adding more devices with more updates. They have already pushed out the first update since launching it to make it compatible with more devices. To sideload make sure you go into the phones security settings and check off the option to install from unknown sources or you wont be able to install the apk file youve downloaded from wherever you find it.