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BB Q5 questions

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I'm considering the Q5 either on prepaid or monthly plan. Haven't decided yet. I have some questions about this phone. Are you able to turn off data and just use wifi? I'm guessing that would be under the 'settings' button to do so. I heard you are able to download apps from google using an app called Snap? Or is it automatically on the phone when you purchase? Are you able to load Gmail, Outlook and Yahoo mail on the Q5? Can you separate each account or do read all the emails from each of the above in one section all mixed together? I'm hoping for separation. Are you able to download a Gmail icon etc on the home screen, click on it, type in your email addy and password? Just in case someone uses your phone and they read your emails. Similar to icons you would have on desktop computer home screen. I had a Samsung S2X (android) but it died. Thought about trying the BB Q5. Thank you for your help!

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Yes under settings network mobile network, there is a data on / off switch and you can still use wifi that way. Snap has to be side loaded. You do this through a computer and the chrome browser along with an add on called BlackBerry PlayBook extension. More information can be found in crackberry.com of you search for snap. A future OS update will bring the amazon app store to the phone. For now you can install it and other android apps simply by downloading and tapping them. BlackBerry 10 has a built in apk installer. After which, yes you can download apps from the play store but any apps that require google play services won't work properly or at all. You can separate each account to its own tab in the hub or mix them all together or they can be both. In lieu of password protecting individual apps, you'd be better off to enable device security. On the wake screen are icons showing your notifications. Tapping the icon gives you a brief synopsis of the email. Tapping the synopsis opens the message. All of that can be tuned off. Coming from the S2x, you may find the screen small but you'll love the keyboard and being able to quickly search for things just by starting to type. Let us know what you decide and if you have more questions come back and ask. (I have every BlackBerry 10 device (except for the Porche Model)
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About message handling and BlackBerry 10 Here is my Z30 hub where all messages are collected.

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About Snap (Including installation Instructions): http://redlightoflove.com/snap/