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BB facebook app issue.

Does the Canada-Wide talk/data plan ($30) allow access to the facebook app on blackberry? My sister just switched to this plan (from the social add-on) and the facebook app will not allow her to accept the terms and conditions (she can only decline). I have no idea if this is even an issue on Koodo, but it's all that I can figure out without having the phone in my hands. Thanks!

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Did she switch to the Blackberry version of the $30 Canada wide plan? It should work if she did.
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Kid Android is right. Two questions, though: 1. Is this a Koodo Blackberry? If so the system should automatically give you the Blackberry options for the plan. Non-Koodo Blackberries aren't read as Blackberries by Koodo's system though, in which case you may have to call to change the plan. To my knowledge Self Serve doesn't give you the option to tell it that your phone is a Blackberry so Customer Service will waive the service fee in this case. 2. Are other internet functions working? Try the browser, if it's working then Facebook should too. If it doesn't, check you mobile network settings, data services will need to be on. If it is and still doesn't work (or if the browser works, just not the Facebook App) you may need to reregister with RiM's network. (Done easily on your Blackberry just go to Options>Device>Advanced System Settings>Host Routing Table then click the Blackberry button [the one just to the left of the trackpad] the select register now.) Once you receive a reply from RiM you can try Facebook again. If it still doesn't work after that you can uninstall and reinstall the Facebook App. If all else fails you can call Tech support if it's a general connection issue, but if it's really just Facebook then you should contact Facebook.
Thanks for the help, it is a Koodo Blackberry and I should've mentioned that she is on the BB version of the plan (selected through self-serve). The browser is working fine, so I'll try the registration. Thanks!
I have the exact same issue. I am on the Blackberry plan, and all other internet functions work, but Facebook will not allow me to accept the terms and conditions. I have tried reinstalling multiple times, to no avail. I can go on Facebook if I go the the browser, but not using the app. So strange. I also tried registering to the wireless network and still nothing.