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BB bold data not working

I put the $45 canada wide plan on my blackberry bold, But the internet (data) is not working any one else have this problem or know how to get it to work? I have pulled the sim and battery out to!

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When you got the plan did you get the Blackberry specific version? You can tell by logging into self serve, your plan will have (bb) after it. You need that plan for data to work. If you do have the BlackBerry version then check the phone to make sure data is enabled, if it is then your next step is to call koodo tech support and see if there is a data block in place or something else wrong.
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If you have BB data enabled on your account, you should see the small BB Logo beside the reception meter (top right) on your phone.
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If you don't Have a BlackBerry specific plan the BB logo wont show even if the data is Enabled on the phone. The logo only shows when you're connected to BIS.
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Chad Burr wrote:

If you don't Have a BlackBerry specific plan the BB logo wont show even if the data is Enabled ...

Oh I know, that's why I pointed it out......if he can see that BB logo then he knows he's on the right plan...
Hey guys here is some more info, I picked the option for bb10 android and other phones because thats the one that had the $45 double data plan I wanted because I plan on switching to the galexy s4 when it comes out. Everthing else works except for the data. I even called koodo they said it should automatically work. I read up about the apn stuff and tried it all and it still doesnt work. Im probably going to take my phone to the booth and see if they can get it to work.
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You're on the wrong plan. The solution is easy, just call up Koodo and ask the rep to put you on the same plan you're currently on, but the BB specific version. The Z10 uses the same data as android and iphone, and is not compatible with Legacy (pre BB10) devices (I mean - the z10 is compatible with the older BIS plans, but the older devices are not compatible with 'regular' data - if that makes sense). This BB specific plan will also work on the S4 as well when you get it (without BIS services obviously). When you call in, make sure you tell the rep that online you couldn't find the BB specific plan, they should credit you the fee associated with changing your plan over the phone.
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If you want to hold out. use your wifi and download Opera Mini from App World. At least then you can use that to browse the net (but nothing else).