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Battery drain

Hello, Since i stop the internet (via 3g) on my curve9300 i experience a massive battery drain. Have an idea to solve this issue? Thanks

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How long have you had this phone? If you have for less than a year, you have a year warranty on the phone and battery, as long as there is no sign of liquid damage on the battery. If it has been more than a year, I would suggest calling customer service and explain the problem that you are having, as well as telling them it is very difficult for you to use this phone and were wondering if they could help out in replacing the battery or the phone. Also as well, try keeping off the WIFI and bluetooth when you aren't using it so that it is not constantly scanning to find these two things that you aren't using.
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@ProfN: Get a new phone. The 9300 is a terrible Blackberry phone.
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You can try to do a battery drain type of method which is when you let your battery drain all the way to 10% or such then charge your phone. Make sure you charge it to 100% and charge it for another 2 or 3 additional hours. You can also do a battery pull which is when you take out the battery for 30 seconds - 1 minute and reinsert and restart the device. The 9300 Blackberry is an old phone so battery issues is expected.
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Did you have koodo block your data? Or did you just shut off data on the phone itself. If you just blocked your data via koodo, you should turn it off on the phone too as it will keep trying to log into BIS to get a connection.
Yes i have the data blocked by koodo. If i shutoff the data, i shutoff some application (facebook) working with wifi....
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ProfN wrote:

Yes i have the data blocked by koodo. If i shutoff the data, i shutoff some application (facebook...

That data switch only shuts off the network connection. Has nothing to do with Wifi. Turn that setting off. You may see your battery life return. Keep in mind also that wifi will consume battery quicker than network data on older devices.