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Anytime Minutes Notification

When approaching and hitting the data limit of my plan with my phone I receive a text advising of such.

My idea is to do the same for the number of anytime minutes with my plan. I have gone over the limit a couple of times and being a student the charges can add up quick and take a big chunk out of my limited budget. I think it would be a good service for customers to receive a text when approaching the number and anytime minutes included in the plan and when the number is hit.

This will help save customers which in the end helps to draw in more customers.

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Very good idea. I don't know why Koodo hasn't started implementing this kind of stuff yet. +1
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Hey Alexandra, I appreciate you taking the time to submit and idea to us. One of the best ways to track your usage is by using our Self Serve app. You can see stats on your data, text, and voice usage. Here are some details if you need them http://koo.do/1dvSCVx Thanks again!