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Any complaints with the Blackberry Z10?

  • 2 January 2014
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Has anyone had complaints of this or heard of any? I got told I made wurse mistake to get it. alot left on vibrate and screen busted or battery dead faster. Thanks I never had on vibrate cause of the roumers.

8 replies

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What?What you're stating doesn't really make sense. All I got out of this was you busted your screen?Your phone doesn't cover physical/water damage. As for short battery life, generally smartphones use a lot more battery life. I'd suggest turning off backround apps that you aren't using and enable power saving mode within the settings of your phone.
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Nope Rodney, I've had a Z10in use in my truck velcroed to the dash vibrating it's bezel off. The battery life isn't spectacular but you could always get an external battery charger or pack
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It's never a mistake to get a phone you want at a price that's reasonable to you. I can also attest that there have not been any bizarre issues with the few that I've used for a while (for some reason I keep buying them and re-selling) nor have any of my friends reported any issues.
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I'll second Chad and Ivan's responses. No issues here as far as build quality, the Z10 is a solid device. Battery life could be better, I gave you a link in another post for the battery charger bundle (there is a battery included with the bundle). I work in a similar environment as Chad and the Z10 has never let me down. Don't believe in rumours unless they're backed by facts.
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Solid device if you are more of a work-oriented person. I do not recommend for 'social' uses. But never heard of such a problem with the phone and never had such a problem with mine.
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Socially it's a toss up, there are many native apps available that keep the device very social. And in the future you'll be able to load Android apps right our of popular app stores like The Amazon app store.(you can do so now if you install the latest leaked os) Facebook, Twitter, whatsapp, and linkdin are all native. Instagram isn't but if you're willing to do a little leg work, (less leg work in the future) you can install the Android version. There are now native clients for Instagram though I've not used them.

The tossup come in around here

There are some drawbacks socially. The native Facebook client is horrendous, the work around is to create a homepage bookmark to the Web version of Facebook which has more features then even the Android version.

The built in twitter client is equally bad. So bad that at the moment, BB has removed it from App World. I solidly recommend Blaq or Neatly or sideloading Carbon

You shouldn't have to rush around to get it working right but because the devices are still evolving it becomes an experience. One thing it does force you to do is learn. If you're okay with that then you'll enjoy the device. If not you'll find it annoying. As stated above, if the device works for you its no mistake but if you find it becomes annoying to live at the edge of BlackBerry evolution then it's time to sell it and choose something you're more comfortable with.
Thanks all. So how do I turn my apps off then if any running? thanks
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Thanks all. So how do I turn my apps off then if any running? thanks Which apps are you trying to stop? Any chance you could create a new topic? Might be easier for people to find info under "BB Z10 How do I turn my apps off" rather than "complaints on Blackberry Z10". Just sayin'