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Adjusting the BlackBerry 10 notification volume

  • 12 July 2013
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Blackberry 10 – Adjusting Notification Volume Using the Volume Rocker If you're like me you're into your BlackBerry 10 device. You're also a 30 Something Overweight trucker with a goatee, But I digress. In our last episode I was having lunch with DennisL and we were talking about changing the default search option on the Z/Q 10 devices (Chupacabra, Goat Tacos). So lets say after lunch Dennis and I decide to go see the latest Superhero Movie “Spiderman of Steel”. Well I don't want my BlackBerry going off every five minutes with more of Paul Deschamps or TopperCNC answering every question first so I want to silence my BlackBerry or at least turn the notification volume down. Coming from Android I would normally just turn the volume down using the volume rocker. So I do that. Now I'm in the movie and I’ve got my popcorn and my drink and it's the middle of the move. SuperSpider is just about to kiss (Insert insanely out of my leauge hot actress here [or Deborah Hersman {google her, very hot}]) and loud as all get out BOOOINNGG. (get your mind out of the gutter). My Notifications are going off. But wait . I turned them down! Or did I? Turns out that by default, the volume rocker only controls the volume of Media and not notification volume. But we can change that and here is how. First pretend like you've got to go to the bathroom and get out of the theatre (Dennis will understand because he's a geek too). Once you're in the hallway, Get to the Home-Screen of your Blackberry 10 Device. Drag down from the top and select SETTINGS Now Select MAIN VOLUME At the very Bottom of the menu is a setting that says: “Always Adjust Media Volume ( On O)” Notice underneath it says “Turn off this option to adjust notification volume when media isn't playing” Turn this to (O Off ) Bingo, Now when you're not playing a video or music, the volume rocker (the buttons on the side of your device) will now control your notification volume. You can even bring them all the way down to Vibrate! Quick! Go back into the theatre! SuperMan Spider is about to reveal himself to those little people in the bottle in the fortress of ineptitude! Now where did I put my popcorn? -Chad

3 replies

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hahahaha! I don't get to answer questions first though, Chad 😛 Whenever I do, after I press "Comment", the page refreshes and I see 7-8 answers already starred, the thread marked "Answered" and the OP updates his original comment to thank the Koodo staff, so..... yeah 😛
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You can use the button rockers to put your device into vibrate only notification mode... Maybe this isn't present on the Koodo OS release?
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You can use the button rockers to put your device into vibrate only notification mode... Maybe...On z10 the bottom rocker only controls media volume and not notification volume unless you turn this switch off