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Add Legacy Blackberry provisioning to every plan

  • 24 November 2013
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These days with more and more users migrating to different platforms, It'd be less of a hassle if Koodo just Included the BlackBerry Provisioning service on every plan without having the user choose BB specifically. This would make Koodo's plans compatible no matter what the user chooses as a device. Less work for the call centre too if a user accidentally chooses the wrong plan. Less hassle for customers who choose the wrong plan, and less frustration for them too. as we try to walk them through the possibilites of why data / bbm doesn't work on their device. For Android and iPhone users, they wouldn't ever even know the difference. For users who hang on to their Legacy BB Devices, at least they will have a backup device should their current platform need repairs. And they wouldn't have to change their plan (and possibly loose a grandfathered plan) to get their devices working. I'm not sure if there is a cost involved in adding the provisioning service which may be why it's an option.

2 replies

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I guess the cost would be in man-hours to program an auto provosioning into the system. But the savings would be the man hours in not having to manually provision individual bb's. You have my +1
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I totally agree with this. It would make it less stressful for me, especially since some other agents don't pay attention to the device type when selecting the rate plan.