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Ability To Carry Over Unused Minutes Or Data

Just a topic for discussion... but, Is there a way that we could carry over any unused minutes or data (or a portion of unused minutes or data) to the following month. These 'credits' carried over will act as a 'buffer'. If the Koodo customer exceeds his or her minutes or data the following month, then the carried over minutes or data would cover the Koodo customer. Admittingly, this benefit would work best for those of us that have the smaller data plans (mine, for example is 200MB) or have restricted minutes for calling each month. I find that I have unused data and minutes at the end of every billing period. Being able to exceed my plan one month would be nice. I wouldn't worry so much about overages and I would feel like I haven't wasted money by trying to be frugal. Just my two cents! Sincerely, Mark

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This has been brought up before and it's still a great. Idea. If lime to see it. In conjunction with a share plan
I don't think so. I remember asking them before and they said that was impossible