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3 year contract?

I think that Koodo should consider putting the Blackberry Z10 on a 3 year term contract which has been done for the iphone 5 . Not a lot of people can afford to pay that kind of money out right . Consider it, could lose customers due to this speed bump!! other companies offer it for free ... think about it

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Your better off to pay for the device (which you can put some on the tab) and take advantage of the cheaper prices on service. I was going to switch to get my Galaxy Note 2 but I crunched the #s and it's much better to pay for the device up front and stick with Koodo. The savings pays for the device in a very short time period. Anyways Koodo won't do it because their whole thing is no commitment and only have bit on the iPhone because Apple forces them to just save the cash, I got the Z10 2 days ago and it's incredible so bite the bullet and grab the Z10 from Koodo which is $50 cheaper than any other provider also.