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3 words best company ever!

A Few things I like about koodo is the employes are very friendly and understanding, I also like how easy and smooth the upgrade for my new phone was. But what I really liked was the low prices for smart phones were some of the other companies want 60 70 a month min for far less data and less talk just for an iphone plan.. Keep up the good work koodo! You have a very pleased customer!

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Thanks Justin.
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I really liked is that with Koodo I can upgrade my phone every year, without any fee. Decent phones and this year Koodo started offering latest phones though. Three years with Koodo this Christmas and I love the service.
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I have been with Koodo for around 6 years now, some of them bad but most of them good. I just want to say that every since I got the LG Nexus 5, I have not had a single issue with the reception in my apartment around my computer like I have had with my Nexus 4. Great work Koodo in getting a phone that is built better then most of your phones.