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why do i have to pay for services that were cancelled?

  • 20 September 2022
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So I failed to pay my bill and koodo suspended my services. The exact word in my email, text and from a phone rep was "suspended".  


Now, according to every available definition that I can find on the word "suspended", I thought this meant my services were temporarily stopped until I met specific conditions such as paying my bill. 


Now while I was unable to and therefore did not use koodo services,  koodo was still billing me. 


How is it legal that they can bill me for services that were not used by me....or better yet, revoked from me by koodoy? I should not have to pay for something I could not use and was prohibited from using. 

4 replies

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Could you describe the issue in more detail? When did they suspended your service? and as of now, can you have access to your self-serve?

Also, could you download your latest bill, check the page 3 and see the last day they billed you?

They suspended my account in February and continued billing me for regular Dara and phone services up until July. I only realised this because of the threatening email I received. 

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For better or for worse, it is likely legal and most telecom services would likely do the same.  I’d suggest dialing #227 from your phone to get it figured out. Perhaps they can agree to a lower amount since you were suspended since then. It’s best to get this settled before it goes to collections, if it asn’t already. I don’t belive it should be legal, but the wireless code of theCRTC doesn’t appear to ban the practice.

You could dispute paying anything past the disconnection date (besides any monthly tab amount) certainly it;s worth a shot

That's ridiculous.