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waiting to be approved for a month now... help

  • 10 January 2022
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I got a koodoo account for my kid December 7th.  Everytime time I try to login to pay I get this:

You're still waiting to be approved

Looks like this account has already been linked to another email address. You're still waiting for permission from the owner of that email address. We'll email you once you're approved.


I did set up an account for my deceased father inlaw back in 2011.  Is this where the confusion is happening?  I just want to be able to login and pay the bill.  Or does this require my going to a store in person to figure this out?  Ideally would like to delete everything and start from scratch if that's even possible.

Please and thanks,


4 replies

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I'm going to flag a Rep to assist. That could be the reason or what also could have  happened is that you tried to register for the account before you got the activation email. Either way a Rep will be able to assist online.

I know I may have done that as well.  When looking into phones thought I had to create an account before even looking, created one about a month before actually signing on with koodoo.  going through my emails however a bunch from 2011 popped up, which was from my father inlaws account.  

Thanks for the quick response.

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I assumed you have the account number with the service agreement from Koodo? If so, can you go to here www.Koodo.com/chat and type “I want to reset my self serve account”? Hopefully the digital rep can guide you through process and reset the email for you.


Less painful then I thought.  Thanks