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Unauthorized charge for Application Store Service

  • 22 September 2022
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I received a message that my last month’s bill was ready for viewing, noticed it was higher than normal. I checked and saw a Application Store Service charge of $14.99. After some digging I found a blocked SPAM message from 5415 (1PLAY) that requested I enter a code to accept the charges. I never entered this code, and therefore have no clue why I was charged for this. Also, I couldn’t have entered the code, since it went to SPAM right away. 

I see this issue is prevalent on this forum. Koodo points the blame at us and wants us to dispute it. How exactly am I to do that if it was never authorized to begin with? 

I do not want to click on that link, who knows where it will lead?

Koodo, what are my options to fight this fraudulent purchase, that you facilitate?


1 reply

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Hi @Minhoto 

We have sent you a PM, so we can further look into this, please check your inbox when you get the chance